A Doctor’s Favorite Part of the Olympics is…


We love the thrill of competition that the Olympic Games injects into the SERMO Community, so we couldn’t resist asking doctors on SERMO all about their thoughts on the recently-concluded 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

In that spirit, we launched an Olympics-themed promotion, and asked doctors questions ranging from, “Do you believe the use of performance-enhancing drugs is rampant among Olympic athletes?” to “Have you ever injured yourself doing a winter sport?”

However, our favorite responses came from doctors sharing their favorite part about the Olympics:

“For the opening ceremonies, I mainly like to see who was picked to light the flame.” – Physical Medicine, US

“Opening parade with flags and teams marching.”  – Family Medicine, US 

“The Passing of the Torch!” – Family Medicine, US 

“Seeing all the different outfits/costumes is my favorite part.” – Internal Medicine, US

“Ice dancing, I love it.”  – Ophthalmology, US

“My favorite part of opening ceremonies is ‘the moment of showing 5 rings’. And I always wonder when all continents will be together like rings, when there will be no war anywhere.”  – Internal Medicine, Turkey  

“The color commentary. It’s quite similar to a skating routine…The artful references to recent or past performances, the weather, the shameful (or wonderful) preparation of the courses. Just a matter of the technical and artistic merit.”  – Hematology, US

“I love watching the athletes. They are so young and so excited. They are full of national pride. 
The pageantry is always awesome.”  – Obstetrics & Gynecology, US

“I like watching the opening ceremony, especially the smaller delegations with only 1-3 people competing. I heard Singapore, the small and hot country is sending someone for the first time. Before applying to medical school, I was thinking if I could get on the Olympic team so that my application would be different. However, that was only a thought for a few minutes one evening.”  – Ophthalmology, US

“Watching the tiny contingents from tiny countries that are guaranteed not to win a medal marching more cheerily than the gigantic squads representing the ‘medal factories’.” – Emergency Medicine, US

“I enjoy seeing who gets chosen to carry the country’s flag.”  – Family Medicine, US

“What I like the most about the ceremony is watching how the country makes up the most beautiful ways to show all of their culture to the world.”  – General Practice, Mexico

“Great to see the world get together and forget about everything else for a couple of weeks.”  – General Practice, Canada

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