Caption This: Physicians Submit Their Funny Captions

The holidays can be a chaotic time for many: with all the parties, cookie exchanges, gift-buying, and gift-wrapping, we never know how we’ll get it all done each year. When it’s all finally over, many of us feel like we need to recharge and relax from the busy season!



We asked physicians to caption this charging cartoon, created by cartoonist Jerry King. Here are some choice selections for the best captions they submitted:

Can you hold? Moms on another line.” – General Surgery

Youre so lucky YOUR mom has WiFi. Mine is useless without an Ethernet cable.” – Radiology

When Dad said she was wired, I just thought he meant shed had too much coffee today.” – Radiology

Nah, the lights still red. She wont be recharged till she gets some more wine.”General Surgery

“Mom is using that new Zen battery app.”Psychiatry

“No, my mom cant drive us to the mallthe extension cord is too short.” – Otolaryngology

“Daddy, daddy you have to come home soon. Mom is in standby mode and is using my charger again.”  –  Ophthalmology

“Moms uploading her mental health data to her doctors EHR.”Family Medicine

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