Dear Santa: A Letter From a Doctor



‘Tis the season for many children around the world to write up their Christmas wish lists for Santa, in hopes that their good behavior will result in a toy under the tree. Recently on SERMO, one doctor proved that writing to Santa is not an activity limited to children. This year, one  psychiatrist in Canada wanted to give Santa some medical advice:

Dear Santa,

Thanks for all the positive work you do around the world this time of year.  We certainly do need the good will, presents and happy times, however I can’t help but notice that no one has focused on YOU, and since we have an international medical team of SERMOAN physicians who are somewhat in the same business (making people feel better through better health) I thought it was time for your annual check-up, as far as I know, your first ever.

 Frankly, as a psychiatrist, I have a few concerns.

Firstly, this manic world travel in one day – that has to be a seasonal biploar note if ever there was.  I also notice you over indulge in (probably non-plant based) milk and cookies at every stop, and that probably contributes to your co-morbid metabolic syndrome.  I believe there’s quite a bit of pre-Christmas hectic hypomanic activity as well.  Let’s look at your family tree and past history and check if in fact, in the summer you have a depressive phase – we never seem to hear from you then?  A repertoire limited to “Ho Ho Ho” also sounds a little hypomanic to me as well.

Want to hear more of this doctor’s concerns? Log onto SERMO to find ou

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