Caption This: Physicians Submit Their Funny Captions

The “green monster” means different things to different people, money, an amazing home run wall courtesy of the Boston Red Sox, envy among others. However, everyone has their own definition and perception of what makes a monster!


We asked physicians to caption this monster cartoon, created by cartoonist Jerry King. Here are some choice selections for the best captions they submitted:

“Before we get started, my new office manager needs to collect your copay.” Cardiology 

“You say your wife has ‘changed’, and could not attend the couple’s session. How so?” – General Surgery

“So what’s this dangerous bug you’re so scared of? You go your flu shot, didn’t you? “– Obstetrics & Gynecology

“I feel that wherever I go, the hospital managers are following me.” – Orthopedic Surgery

“As your psychiatrist, I only can help with your inner demons…not your outer ones.” – Pediatrics

“Yes, some people do come to therapy to have their demons exorcised. Why do you ask?” – Psychiatry

“So, have there been any side-effects since we changed your medications?” – Radiology

“Life is filled with monsters and regrets. Choose to look ahead and life is simpler.” – Family Medicine

“We isolated the bug causing your infection…” –  Neurology

“The hospital now has case managers sitting in on our visits to monitor for cost effective care.” – General Surgery

“I am not providing counseling for your other personality too for the same fee.” – Cardiology

“Objects in the window are closer than they appear.” – Family Medicine

“For refills on your Xanax, Oxycodone, and Ambien, I’ll refer you to my partner.” – Family Medicine

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    As an Insurance Agent, the Green Monster to me is every time I have to tell a client a medication is not covered. Though I’m not a Doctor, I think I deserve a caption so mine would read “Your Xolair is not covered but your Health Plan cost is about $800 per month”—Insurance Agent

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