Developing Life in a Plastic Bag: Doctors Weigh In

Developing life in a plastic bag

Recently a premature sheep was brought to full term within a plastic bag. We asked doctors how they felt about this technology in regards to using this technology for premature human births.

Over 2400 doctors from 28 countries responded.

  • 54 percent felt it was scientifically promising
  • 24 percent found it unsettling
  • 13 percent thought the development with sheep was not applicable to humans
  • 10 percent believe it would be ethically unsound

Alongside the poll, doctors provided commentary:

“It reminds me of A Brave New World by Huxley” – Argentina, Gastroenterology

“Sounds great if it proves itself in trials, but I just have to imagine the cost!” – US, Neurology

“It could be viable in some cases, like mothers who tend to lose their babies after the 30th week” – Venezuela, Pediatrics

“Maybe they’ll be more effective than what we have right now? Neonatology has improved in leaps and bounds since I was in med school. Back then, it was so hard to resuscitate a 27-weeker and most surviving premies had awful sequelae. Now I have all sorts of former 23-weekers with very few issues… most are doing just fine.” – US, Pediatrics

“I do not like the idea.” – Psychiatry, Norway

“There will be pregnant women with problems that have to resort to this technique, hopefully it works in humans.” – Spain, Family Practice

“I won’t pretend this is not a big step, but it is still just an extension of what we already do.” – Australia, General Practice

“Definitely very controversial, but undoubtedly promising!! A sample of what can be done and what will be done” – Venezuela, Pediatrics

“Where are we going!!!! Science has to have limit, a line not to cross.” – Canada, Family Practice

“I think doctors should not hesitate to offer this option [when it becomes available for humans] – we are seeing more technology in the service of medicine, I think we should be open to that technological world that could benefit our patients.” – Spain, Neurology

“Better for fetal skin to be floating in an amniotic sterile lookalike fluid than friction in an incubator. Keeps protective vernix caseosum intact around all the body…. Best possible Physiologic solution!” US, Dermatology

“I remain skeptical because one must be absolutely certain that the brain development will not be affected.” – France, Surgery

“The news is very shocking! Humans are unique and unrepeatable; manufacturing a living being raises questions about ethics and morals.” – Mexico, OBGYN

“Good Lord, just think of how much expenditure could be saved if this could be done safely.” – US, Pediatrics

“It is only the modern equivalent of incubators to the maximum.” – Venezuela, Pediatrics

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