4 Unreal Patient Case Images You Might Have Missed

SERMO offers doctors from all over the world the ability to post real patient cases and ask for help from thousands of their peers.  On SERMO, we call this practice medical crowdsourcing, and it allows physicians to seek help on tough patient cases as well as give help to their global colleagues… at no cost to any healthcare system.

Doctors often use their phones to post patient cases directly from the exam room, and cases often receive feedback within 24 hours. Take a look of some of the images from patient cases you may have missed from this month, and log in or join SERMO to weigh-in on new cases.


CT scan of kidney

Patient experiences unexplained 13 kg weight loss, slight nausea and anorexia over the course of a year. A CT scan revealed an incidental 1.8 cm enhancing mass at the lower pole of the left kidney with no other abnormalities identified. Read more here.


Newborn with microcephaly

A case of microcephaly and micro calcifications. Read more about the case here.

 Facial tumor

 Facial tumor of 2 years of evolution, not painful, friable and ulcerated tumor in frontal region. Read more here.

 Generalized dermatosis

Erythematous papules and plaques that started on patient’s abdomen before generalizing. Patient has received multiple treatments with antibiotic and systemic corticosteroids with no improvement in the lesions. Read more about the case here.

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