Take a look at these spine X-rays…

Spinal x-ray

Everyday on SERMO doctors from all over the world are posting new patient cases and asking their colleagues for input. Below, a Greek Family Medicine doctor shares an interesting case with some startling back x-rays.

A female patient, age 30, comes to the ER for back pain.

For the last three months she cannot go to the gym, and she is pretty stressed about the pain.

She presents stiffness along the spine, and the pain gets worse after lifting heavy objects; the pain radiates from the low back to the buttock, and sometimes into the calves and toes.

No previous injuries of the spine. She works as a make-up artist in a beauty salon; she passes a lot of hours standing.

“Has anybody noticed anything strange about your back before?”

The answer was no.

Hmm… What do you think?

A look at the x-rays would be enough to solve the case.

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