What’s Causing This Stomach Pain and Rash?

Patient with skin rash and stomach pain

~ By a Family Medicine/Internist/Oncologist in Italy

Anna, a Serbian woman of 46 years, went to the emergency room for the appearance of a erythematous orticarioid rash in the groin and lower limbs. The patient reports generalized pain especially in the abdomen accompanied by diarrhea and episodes of melena. Visiting patient parameters are detected and there is a slight pyrexia.

In history there is no pathology of note, however on examination there is a tenderness to deep palpation of the epigastrium. At the laboratory tests were due to higher of the following values: ESR, CRP, IgA, D-dimer, AMYLASE, lipase and an increased complement consumption. Autoantibodies are negative in a particular way were carried out for: CMV, Echo, EBV, Mumps, Coxackie. On examination of the urine emerges hematuria and proteinuria.

What’s your first thought?

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  1. Dr. Marina Orlova says

    A presumptive diagnosis of Systemic vasculitis. Requires a skin Biopsy, studies on viral hepatitis, colonoscopy, iskljuciti intestinal infection.

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