What You May Have Missed on SERMO!


Are you a doctor? See what you are missing on SERMO! By becoming a part of the #1 social network for doctors in the world, you can read and interact with colleagues internationally in discussions. Here are 4 examples below…

Mayo Clinic Gives Priority To The Privately Insured
Those who have Medicaid or Medicare who go to Mayo Clinic for treatments may soon find themselves waiting longer than those who are privately insured. The Mayo Clinic cites the bottom line as the reason for this policy. Do you prioritize patients in your practice/hospital?

Are You Going To The AAN?
One of our SERMO members is going to the AAN conference this year. If you’re attending or thinking about attending, check out what other members are saying about this year’s program. Maybe you can even make plans so you’re not a table for 1 at dinner!

Why Doesn’t The U.S. Train More Of Its Own Doctors?
Since 1997 the cap on the federal funding of medical residency programs still sits at $10 billion. Though many think the cap would have increased, it hasn’t despite a 27% increased in medical school enrollment from 2002 and 2016. The number of international acceptances went up and the number of US graduates went…

Doctor’s Charge out of Control
Recently, my wife experienced an episode of rising BP, which required an ER visit at our in-network hospital. She spent about ten minutes with an NP. The head of the ER briefly stopped by, but did not examine her. We were shocked to see that the charge just for the ER was $2,007!

We hope one of these catches your interest and we look forward to seeing you on SERMO!

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