Oldest Doctor?

Older doctors

~ By an Anesthesiologist in Great Britain

With record numbers of centenarians reported in both the US and UK, it was a particular delight to hear of a local doctor (now retired) having reached the age of 100 years. He had led a highly eventful early life, having qualified at the start of the war and been posted as an RAF medical officer to Greece. There he was doctor in charge of a camp of 1000 wounded men on Crete when the Germans swept in and took him prisoner.

He was sent to a castle in Poland as a prisoner of war, where he made friends with Polish workers at the POW camp who turned out to be with the resistance. When the bitter Polish winter froze the castle moat, he and a friend simply walked across the water, were picked up by the resistance and then smuggled on board a neutral Swedish coal ship – and thus to freedom!

What is the oldest doctor you know? And what stories do they have to tell?

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