Patient Case: 4-Year-Old with Tropical Ulcer?


Floating Doctors recently shared with SERMO doctors a patient case from the field in Panama – a 4-year-old girl with a 1-month history of a skin lesion/ulcer on her left lower leg which wasn’t healing and was occasionally painful and itchy.

This is certainly not typical for leishmaniasis in the region, but these kinds of ‘messy’ looking lesions do also occur and despite the opinion of the local hospital, this is probably what the child has. But just in case, does this lesion — which is typical for these atypical looking lesions that usually seem to be leish — jump out at anyone for any other cause?

If you’re a physician, join SERMO to read more about this case and weigh in online.


  1. Kaukab says

    Two members of my team developed similar lesions lasting upto 6 weeks after a tour of Hondoras. All cultures were negative, slow healing, hyperpigmentation persisted for years

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