SERMO doctors assisting with dissertation on physician burnout

shutterstock_239545516SERMO physicians are volunteering their time and opinions to help a 5th year Clinical PsyD student at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) with her dissertation focusing on physician burnout.

My name is Samantha Welsh, and I am a 5th year Clinical PsyD student at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) and will be graduating in July 2017. I completed a 2 year practicum working alongside physicians in an integrated care setting. While at that practicum site, I really became interested in the work that physicians do and their susceptibility to burnout. As a result, I began researching primary care physicians, and thus my dissertation topic was born.

For my dissertation, I am looking at burnout in primary care physicians to see whether or not certain variables make them more or less susceptible to burnout. My hope is that this study will help to inform practicing physicians, medical students, and resident educators about the issue of burnout and factors associated with it.

Since PCOM’s student body consists of a large portion of medical students, I’m hoping that this research can be integrated into the medical school curriculum in order to prepare budding physicians, and hopefully prevent the symptoms of burnout. With physician suicide rates on the rise, it is crucial that the medical community is aware of the dangers of burnout and perhaps this research can also be used to help decrease the number of physician suicides each year and reduce the stigma that is associated with physician burnout.

If you’re a physician and would like to participate in this study, log in to SERMO to access the link here.



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