Patient Case: 81 y/o F with Kaposi’s Sarcoma


An Eskimo woman was brought into a SERMO physician’s office with Kaposi’s sarcoma, nodular stage.

They started about 6 months ago when she moved from Alaska in July, and at that time her feet were had oozing sores all over.  She has trouble walking due to the lesions.

Diagnosis: Kaposi’s sarcoma, nodular stage

Comment: There are aggregates of spindled cells int eh dermis with numerous small vessels noted.  CD34 stain confirms the vascular nature of the lesions.  D240 is strongly postive and HHV8 shows nuclear staginin in many areas.  These changes correlate with Kaposi’s Sarcoma.

The lesions are on both feet, right worse than left.  She has some violaceious patches on her lower legs, too, but not nodular.

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