Social network for doctors – An invitation from Floating Doctors


Today, Dr Benjamin La Brot, President of Floating Doctors, shares why SERMO is his favorite social network for doctors. We invite you to join him, and the hundreds of thousands of physicians from around the world on the leading social network for doctors.


Dear colleagues,

I’m Dr Benjamin La Brot, President of Floating Doctors and avid SERMO user.

The ability to consult with medical colleagues has traditionally been one of the most powerful tools in our medical arsenal.  The multi-specialist team meeting has long been our go-to option when we face really challenging patients. In the past, the limiting factor was finding a time when all the doctors were available and in the same room together–a tall order for doctors at any time in history, especially in our increasingly fast-paced modern world.  In an age of instant connectivity and widespread social networking, SERMO allows us to finally adopt a 21st century solution to bring whole teams of doctors together for a single patient.  Physically separated by thousands of miles, doctors on SERMO can access the combined clinical experience of hundreds of thousands of doctors sharing their input on a patient’s case in an anonymous, safe online environment.

The Floating Doctors team provides health care in extremely remote jungle locations where the nearest specialist may be hundreds of miles away, but with SERMO I can post a patient’s case and within minutes–even at 3:00 in the morning–we have answers.  The directness of the care and the thoroughness of the group consultation on SERMO is incredibly powerful and has resulted in solutions for even the most obscure and atypical presentations.

One of the first cases we posted was a middle-aged indigenous woman in a remote jungle community with progressive dysphagia.  In our resource limited setting, with no access to gastroscopy, labs, or advanced imaging, the SERMO community doctors were able to correctly diagnose her with eosinophilic esophagitis with nothing more than an x-ray, the patient history, and a physical exam, and offered a treatment which resolved the issue completely.  All this was accomplished within hours of her presenting to our mobile clinic–and best of all, it was free!

Since we specialize in remote medical services, we always say that ‘the clinic is wherever the doctor happens to be,’ but with SERMO, suddenly an entire hospital full of specialists is at our fingertips within moments.

Whether you work in the most remote rural clinic or in a busy metropolitan regional hospital, SERMO represents the future of medicine and is a great example of the awesome diagnostic and treatment power all of us can employ by accessing the collective knowledge of the entire medical community.


Dr. Benjamin La Brot

LRCP &SI MB, MCh, NUI from Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland

President of Floating Doctors

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