We’re donating $1 for each vote to charity


We’re in the middle of our Vote-A-Thon on SERMO!  For each vote in our polls, we’re donating $1 (up to $1,000 per cause) to three different medical charities.

Introducing the charities…


Floating Doctors

We’re continuing to support Floating Doctors,  a non-profit organization who works in the Western Caribbean and recently opened a medical clinic in Panama to better treat the indigenous population. They love the medical crowdsourcing opportunities at SERMO and post under @FloatingDoctors with their cases. Dr. Ben LaBrot leads the organization.  They:

  • Provide free acute and preventative health care services and deliver donated medical supplies to isolated areas.
  • Reduce child and maternal mortality through food safety/prenatal education, nutritional counseling and clean water solutions.
  • Study and document local systems of health care delivery and identify what progress has been made, what challenges remain, and what solutions exist to improve health care delivery worldwide.
  • Use the latest communications technologies to bring specialist medical knowledge to the developing world, and to share our experiences with the global community and promote cooperation in resolving world health care issues

Read more about our partnership with Floating Doctors here:


Village to Village Care

Village to Village Care was started by one of our very own members!  If you’re a physician, vote in this poll!

They partner with the people of rural African countries and other undeveloped areas of the world to help them achieve a high level of wellness by focusing on health education, nutrition, disease prevention and treatment.  They aim to…

  • Empower the leaders of African villages and villages in undeveloped areas of the world to build and operate primary health clinics by working with local partners to make this happen.
  • Encourage local people to serve in the clinic.
  • Make these villages places for international medical teams to come regularly to enhance the work.


New Regional Medical Center Foundation

The New Regional Medical Center Foundation’s Mission is to support New Hanover Regional Medical Center through the development of philanthropic resources and to promote community understanding of healthcare needs and positively impact the health of our community through ongoing financial support to New Hanover Regional Medical Center.  We are happy to help support this foundation , as some of our members work there, with the recent shark attack victims on the North Carolina coast.


If you’re a physician, join us and vote to help support these deserving charities.

If you’re a charity who would like to be considered for the next vote-a-thon, please email us at pr [at] sermo [dot] com with more information.

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