Are Physicians Seeing a Demand For Telehealth?


In this technological age where on-demand services are expected by consumers, healthcare is evolving with the implementation of telehealth. Telehealth looks to create efficiencies and increase access for patients to healthcare providers.

In light of the current conversation, we asked SERMO physicians, are you seeing an increase in the number of patients who request telemedicine?

Perhaps surprisingly, the vast majority of respondents – 81 percent – said, ‘no.’ This is especially odd because doctors are quick to acknowledge the massive potential benefits telehealth has and believe it will become more popular with time.

“This type of innovation in health care will accelerate. Where there is a market and a demand from patients it will grow. The hurdles and drawbacks will be overcome as telehealth finds it’s niche.” – General Surgery

“Technology answers usually come with significant cost savings.” – Family Medicine

“Great for 3rd world countries which may have 2 specialists for the entire country.” – Other physicians

The poll was fielded in February of 2015. 590 physicians responded to the poll. The margin of error for the global poll was ±4%. More information about SERMO polling methodology can be found here.

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