Two New Hubs Announced for SERMO Physician Social Network

Announcing our new Hubs:  Neurology & Allergy and Immunology

Announcing our new Hubs: Neurology & Allergy and Immunology

Today, SERMO is excited to announce two new additions to our growing family of informational Hubs. Hubs are centered around specific disease states or specialty areas.  This is part of our commitment to bring you up-to-date, clinical information to our physicians.  The new hubs are:

  • Allergy and Immunology
  • Neurology

Physicians who specialize in these two areas will now have the appropriate Hub as their home page.  The Hub includes weekly expert articles written by peers,  focused polls and videos.  This means a neurologist will be able to view the Neurology Hub right on their member homepage.

Hubs are led by physician peers with, over 45 physician writers providing top-flight discussion topics, research, and authoring polls for fellow members. They’ll be discussing the latest research, trends in your specialty and clinical best practices.

These HUBs unite the best of what Sermo offers in a collaborative space that includes:

  • Specialty or disease-focused polls
  • A Multimedia Channel for the latest related video content
  • Fresh, breaking posts from your Sermo peers
  • An inside look into related discussions on Twitter
  • New research, resources, and upcoming conference updates

If you are an M.D. or D.O. you can join the SERMO physician community and interact with your peers immediately.  Membership is free and all physicians are verified.

Interested in the other Sermo Hubs?  Visit them now.

We wanted to thank our physicians for creating such an active, vibrant community.  Approximately 60 percent of our content is clinical in nature.  One of our most used features is SERMOsolves, an app doctors use to upload patient information and collaborate on diagnoses and treatment plans.

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