Doctor Curmudgeon: A holiday reminder

old people hug



The column not written…

The thanks not given…

The appreciation not voiced…

The worthy compliment not expressed…

The happiness not displayed…

The smile not shown…

The thank you not spoken…

The friend not comforted…

The support not given…

The joy not spread…

The shoulder not given

The apology not tendered

The trust not kept

The helpless not aided

The friend not hugged

The meal not shared

The promise not kept

These can never be recaptured.

They can never be expressed again

These opportunities will never return

These moments are gone

In the frantic hubbub of this holiday season,

We must pause,

We must not let another day go by without remembering and doing.


  1. Ellen Kracoff says

    Loved your Holiday Reminders”! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if those reminders could become “daily” reminders…….one reminder at a time we could become a kinder, more caring and compassionate world. We need to take the time to remember…..those moments lost can never be recaptured. Thanks for reminding us to make the most of what you have…..and what you have is today!

  2. Alan Lewis says

    The expression of kindness, consideration and caring for each other was taught to all of us as young children. Unfortunately as we grow older and are faced with the daily realities of life we tend to forget that those expressions should always be part of our daily living and not reserved for the holidays and special occasions. If all of us could follow your examples, we might all find that essentially saying “thank you” and acknowledging someone else might in turn make us feel more positive about ourselves and our existence.

  3. says

    It is not easy to keep angry words from leaving your mouth but once said, they are out there. Sometimes, I imagine tape across my mouth, so I don’t say things that I could later regret.

    I am so grateful and warmed by all the beautiful comments.

    Thank you

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