Doctors Face Tough Challenges in the Workplace

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Being a doctor isn’t what it used to be; crazy busy schedules, wrangling with computerized records, trying to remember what your children look like after another long week.

We asked our physicians what is the hardest problem they face in their practice.  While no one is surprised about Work/Life balance being number one at 52 percent, the fact that 21 percent of physicians name EHRs as their biggest work headache is telling.

EHR challenges led to a new niche in medicine.  A medical scribe is a person with knowledge of medical terminology who follows a physician throughout their day and enters EHR information for them.  Medical scribes are a small but growing part of medicine.

Another new challenge facing physicians is the increased demands of MOCs (maintenance of certifications).  Doctors now need continuing education credits more frequently and often the MOCs are tied to their ability to work in their specialty.  If MOCs aren’t kept up-to-date physicians can lose hospital privileges or worse.

Work Life Balance for Doctors

We asked doctors earlier this year about physician burnout and what contributed to it.  The top answers included:

  • Lack of control
  • Dysfunctional workplace
  • Extremes in work (boredom/chaos)

As a physician what is the hardest thing for you about your practice?  What would you change?  Do you agree with the poll or do you think there’s something important missing?

If you’re an M.D. or D.O. you can join our free, physician-exclusive community.  Come on in and contribute to cases, vote on polls like this one and more.

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