Happy Halloween from Sermo

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We take a lot of things seriously here at Sermo.  Medicine is about saving lives and improving patient outcomes and our doctors are focused on that all day, every day.  But, every once in a while they like to have a little fun and Halloween is a great excuse to ask our doctors a silly question and enjoy some medical humor.

If you could have one organ in a jar on your desk, what would it be?  The results:

  • 41% brains
  • 27% heart
  • 22% eyeballs
  • 5% kidneys
  • 3% tongue
  • 3% liver

We did check by specialty and had a chuckle at the results.

Doctors who specialize in Neurology:

  • 85% brains
  • 12% eyeballs
  • 3% heart
  • 1% tongue

Doctors who specialize in Cardiology:

  • 73% heart
  • 11% brains
  • 10% eyeballs
  • 3% kidney
  • 2% liver

Doctors who specialize in Ophthalmology:

  • 75% eyeballs
  • 16% brains
  • 8% heart
  • 1% tongue

Doctors who specialize in Emergency Medicine:

  • 46% brains
  • 26% heart
  • 23% brains
  • 2% tongue
  • 2% liver
  • 2% kidney

Doctors who specialize in Pediatrics:

  • 45% brains
  • 25% heart
  • 21% eyeballs
  • 3% tongue
  • 3% kidneys
  • 2% liver

Not only does this show our doctors sense of humor, but it shows their loyalty to their specialties as well.  In fact, when we polled them recently, we found that physicians would choose their specialty all over again.

If you’re an M.D. or D.O. we welcome you to join the Sermo community.  Join us.

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