SERMO Reaches 260,000 Physicians

Sermo, Sermo MD

Sermo has swelled its membership numbers by 30 percent in just six months with a focus on clinical and practice management discussion. Now surpassing 260,000 members, we are taking a moment to thank our physicians for their support.

Our physicians are changing the face of medicine as they actively discuss clinical cases and challenges of being a physician in the rapidly changing world of medicine. From discussions on genetic research to reviewing new surgical techniques, Sermo doctors have grown their engagement on the platform. Mission work is often mentioned, and answering each others’ daily practice questions remain frequent topics of interest.

At the core of Sermo’s recent resurgence is our focus on clinical collaboration through upgrades to our iConsult app. Physicians can upload patient information and request consults from specialties of their choice – “expert targeting”. In real-time, doctors crowdsource their collective expertise and bring the collective knowledge of an average of 200 years of medical schooling and experience to each patient case.

Over the years, physicians collaborated on tens of thousands of cases and although many successes go unreported, over 50% of iConsult cases posted are “Solved on Sermo.” Our average solve time is just 20 hours and most cases receive a first reply within 10 minutes.

“There’s a reason Sermo is experiencing another period of hyper-growth coupled with an all-time high engagement levels,” said Jon Michaeli, SVP ofglobal community at WorldOne. “We’ve become the hub for scientific discussion, clinical collaboration, healthcare thought leadership, and learning throughout the medical world. We see again and again how Sermo helps physicians in critical moments and delivers resources that save lives. That’s what makes Sermo different from any other healthcare social network or community.”

Our HUBS – complex disease state and medical specialty knowledge bases – continue to grow, and we will be introducing a handful more before the end of 2014.

We’ll soon commence landmark collaborations with leading teaching hospitals and research centers as we aggregate and reflect physicians’ opinions and experiences. Our Sermo Physician Polls already have had an impact on the conversation surrounding medicine.

Sermo is Latin for “conversation”, we work everyday to keep our physicians’ voice in the center of the healthcare dialogue. If you are an M.D. or D.O. please join us inside the community and join your colleagues in being heard. We’ll see you inside.

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