Infographic: How Much Do Doctors Earn?

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We often think of physicians as having one of the most lucrative careers.  Sure, there was a lot time spent in school…and in residency (and in an internship) but once you get out, heck, you’re living life on easy street, right?  Not so fast … we looked at what doctors earn in real life, and broke down the numbers.  We also compared them with their peers in other countries.  You might be surprised at the results.

A word on the numbers

There are several sources of research for this infographic.  You may be able to find conflicting numbers, but we cited all of our sources, so feel free to click around.

The range of salaries in the U.S. is anywhere from a low of about $95,000 per year up to a high of $450,000 per year.  The highest paid physicians are generally orthopedists and anesthesiologists.  The highest paid US physicians skew the average salary more than other countries, where salary ranges are narrower.  We chose a more ubiquitous doctor, an internist, at a more typical salary amount, $149,000 to compare across countries, which also indexes closely with pediatricians, family and general practitioners.

We used the internist’s salary for the hourly pay segment of the infographic, applying the formula put forth on Dr. Ben Brown M.D.‘s website which breaks down the numbers thoroughly.

What do you think about physicians’ salaries?  Are they being paid enough, considering the trade-off between compensation and limited vacation time and long work weeks?  Does all that work contribute to physician burnout?  What can we learn from what other countries are doing?  There is a lot to discuss and we’ll be having a spirited conversation inside Sermo as well as in the comments below.  If you’re an M.D. or D.O. please feel free to join us.

As with all infographics this is meant to entertain and spark conversation.



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