The Business of Medicine: Best Practices Highlighted Next Week

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Next week’s theme will be “the business of being a physician”.  We will be covering a wide array of topics on the business of medicine from hiring health care practitioners to support physician’s duties, to how to reduce malpractice lawsuits.

Here’s who we’ll be hearing from.

Sermo Physicians:  Our Sermo physicians were asked if they’d choose their specialty all over again.  The results differed greatly by specialty.  We also broke it down by why they would choose a different path, for clinical or lifestyle reasons.

Dr. Guy Winker:  Dr. Winker is a rural physician who has a thriving practice using health care practitioners as part of his medical team.  He’ll discuss how he uses them effectively and how it has grown his practice.

SermoResearch:  Our research team has compiled information about how much a physician really makes over the span of their careers.  There has been a lot of focus about the disparity between US doctors and other countries and you might be surprised at what our research uncovered when we compared it to other physicians around the globe.

Sarah diFrancesca:  Ms. diFrancesca is a lawyer who works with issues around the Sunshine Act.  She’ll share three tips to make sure physicians are following proper guidelines as we get ready for public reporting to begin.

Michael Matray:  Mr. Matray is the editor of Medical Liability Monitor and shares his strategy for how to avoid 25 percent of medical malpractice lawsuits.  His simply checklist will make sense to a lot of physicians and is easy to implement.

We look forward to having discussions next week with our readers about all of these topics.  Please join us in the comment section below and on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  If you’re an M.D. or D.O. you can also join us inside Sermo, our dynamic physician community.

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