Infectious Disease Week Starts On Monday

infectious disease week, infectious disease

We are trying something new here on the Sermo blog.  An entire week themed on infectious diseases.  Starting Monday, we will be connecting with experts in the field of infectious disease to talk about the latest findings and what it means for physicians and their patients.

Our contributors

James Wilson, M.D., the Director of the National Infectious Disease Forecast Center will kick off our week with a discussion about antibiotic-resistant bacteria.  We are fighting ever more virulent bugs with a quickly shrinking supply of effective antibiotics.  Are we heading for a true disaster?

Sagar Vaidya, M.D., Ph.D., an Instructor at Harvard Medical School and HIV/AIDS researcher will be updating us on the changing global pandemic and our progress on an HIV vaccine.

Ben LaBrot, M.D., Founder and Director of Floating Doctors.  Sermo has supported the Floating Doctors avidly this past year, assisting with digital clinical curbisdes and helping them fund raise for a new clinic in Panama.  Dr. Ben has seen tropical infectious diseases up close for a number of years now and he’ll be contributing a post about what he’s learned about infectiouse disease when few treatment options are available.

Our Sermo physicians, we have polled our physicians about their antibiotic use and will be sharing those numbers with you next week.  Thousands of doctors have taken our poll and the information gives a peek into the U.S. healthcare’s war on bacteria.

Our physicians will be discussing infectious diseases inside Sermo (as they always do) but with an emphasis on next week on raising awareness and finding solutions.  Ultimately with improved patient care we can start to turn the tide to less outbreaks and better outcomes.  On our blog here, on Facebook and on Twitter we welcome anyone to join in the discussion.  We want to hear from patients, physicians, health care practitioners and anyone else interested in infectious disease.  So please join us, comment and share, we’re really looking forward to next week.

If you are an M.D. or D.O. please join us inside Sermo for more discussion.

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