Physicians and Exercise

doctors and exercise, physicians and exercise

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Physicians regularly recommend exercise for their patients.  Studies have supported patient improvements in areas as diverse as psychiatry to endocrinology.  A recent study even states that up to 10% of deaths are premature due to lack of exercise.

So we asked our physicians, “What exercise do you regularly do?”

Physicians and walking

47% of Sermo physicians report walking on a regular basis, which isn’t a surprise.  A group of white coats making rounds in a hospital is a quintessential scene for many, which in itself can get many doctors close to the suggested 10,000 steps per day (roughly four miles).  Even the back and forth between exam rooms can accumulate a few thousand steps a day for busy physicians.  By the time the work-day is done, some may find themselves only needing to take a short walk after dinner to reach their goals.

Physicians and weight training

32% of Sermo physicians also report regularly doing weight training.  The benefits are many including, stronger bones, weight control, increase in stamina, mental clarity, and help managing chronic conditions such as back pain and arthritis.

Physicians and running

Running is one of the most popular exercises and requires little equipment or time.  A good running route, some sweats and sneakers is all you really need.  Races can also bring out the competitive nature in doctors and allow them to compete for PRs (personal time records) or to work towards a training goal such as a 10K or a marathon distance.

When a doctor practices healthy living they will be able to lead by example for their patients.  This will also give them perspective about the obstacles patients must overcome…and maybe even a little camaraderie.

As a physician or health care practitioner do you workout regularly?  Do you think this makes you better able to recommend exercise to your patients?  If you’re an M.D. or D.O. you can join other online physicians inside Sermo.

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