Sermo Releases iConsult 1.1 Desktop Publishing

sermo iconsult, iconsult, sermo, worldoneWe are proud to announce a major milestone in digital clinical collaboration.  The widely praised iConsult experience found in our iPhone app has been unified with desktop clinical curbsides to provide one powerful clinical discussion across devices and browsers.

iConsult: The New Desktop Curbside Experience

Want to share interesting case you’ve seen? Do you need quick responses from your Sermo colleagues about a patient you’re seeing? Posting an iConsult case is for you.

Here’s a video demo to walk you through the experience.


We can’t thank all our doctors enough for all their clinical contributions – especially Dr. Ben LaBrot and Floating Doctors for sharing how they use iConsult when working remotely to improve healthcare delivery while on mission.  To celebrate the launch, we have partnered up with our Advisory Council partner, Dr. Ben LaBrot and Floating Doctors, to offer one of our doctors the trip of a lifetime:  joining our Floating Doctors on mission in Panama.  Are you an MD or DO?  Come learn more on Sermo!

We’re really excited about these new updates. It’s all a part of our mission to connect physicians everywhere and deliver more value to the Sermo experience everyday.  Read our press release here.  For M.D.s and D.O.s find out more inside Sermo.

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