Physicians and Medical Technology

Medical technology is expanding in leaps and bounds, from growing organs in petri dishes to printing them out on 3D printers.  We polled our Sermo physicians for what they are looking forward to most.

Question:  What area of medical technology are you most excited by?

36%    3D printing of prosthetic limbs, complex devices, implants, skin etc.

20%    Genetic patient profiling

15%    Intelligent drug delivery systems

13%    Artificial cell mimicry

8%    Other

7%    Robotic surgical systems

3D printing of prosthetic limbs is something most of us can wrap our brains around, but organs?  Yes, it’s already happening in the lab and there is a great wrap up on what’s happening today.

Genetic profiling can provide clues to patients’ illnesses.  There is currently a lot of research happening in the areas of cancer, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis.  There is a “big brother” aspect to genetic profiling that has to be addressed, but given absolute patient privacy the ability to “read” our genes to detect and possibly prevent the advent of disease is pretty cutting edge.

Intelligent drug delivery systems have many applications.  What if diabetics could detect the insulin in their blood and micro-adjust dosage?  What if nanotechnology could delivery cancer medication directly to the cancer cells minimizing damage to the rest of the body?  All of these options and more are being researched at a frenetic pace around the globe.

The Nobel Prize for Medicine was recently awarded to a team of three physicians who have been working on the transport system of cells.  Imagine the possibilities if doses could be delivered on a cell-by-cell basis.

Our Sermo physicians are definitely open to change and using the best technology to save patient lives and improve care.  What do you think is the best medical technology out there today?

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