Taking Back the Pink

pink ribbon, taking back the pink You might have noticed we pinked up a bit here at Sermo.  We’re supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month – even though it’s had a rough ride the last couple of years.

Yes, there was the controversy over the Susan G. Komen Fund and where the money was actually going.  We also learned that just about anyone with a product was “pinking it out” during October and some weren’t even bothering to claim that any money went towards breast cancer research or awareness.  Some of these products even contained known carcinogens.

So we’ve decided to take back The Pink.  Money raised during this month needs to go to awareness but also to research.  It’s research, after all, that will eventually cure patients of breast cancer and it’s something the Sermo community can really get behind.

To that end, we are supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation during the month of October by allowing our physicians to donate to an institution that uses 91% of every dollar earned for research and finding a cure.  They are solely focused on curing breast cancer.

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