Sermo Announces Partnership with Joslin Diabetes Center


Today at the Diabetes + Innovation Conference we are pleased to announce our collaboration with the Joslin Diabetes Center.

This is a first of its kind collaboration as we work with Joslin to create a Diabetes HUB.  We are building digital medical hubs around specialties and complex disease states, where physicians can get cross-specialty insights from thought leaders.  The goal is to enrich physician information and improve patient care, treatment and outcomes.

We have also co-authored a poll to our physicians for their opinion about diabetes.  Below is a sample of the results.

  • 33% of physicians said their number one priority with patients is “ensuring the more effective treatment for best outcomes.” 
  • 24% said the top priority was working with communities to promote health and healthy living.
  • 40% of physicians think innovative technologies for managing diabetes such as pumps, implants and monitors, will have the biggest positive impact in the next year.

We will be asking the same questions to physicians who are attending the conference today and sharing the results on Saturday.  We’re looking forward to seeing what differences there might be.

Jon Michaeli, Senior Vice President of Global Community and Marketing said, “The HUB is yet another way we are supporting our company mission of improving healthcare globally through clinical tools and resources on the Sermo platform. Fundamental to that goal is ensuring we have the absolute best content from the most authoritative sources. As such, this is the perfect opportunity to take our partnership with Joslin to a new level; adding Joslin’s thought leadership and expertise will make the Diabetes HUB the ultimate point of learning resource on Diabetes care.”

“The HUB is a novel way to improve healthcare by furthering clinical knowledge and encouraging collaboration through an interactive forum designed specifically for physicians,” said Peter Kirk, Founder and CEO of WorldOne. “The Diabetes HUB will be enhanced by Joslin’s thought leadership and expertise, ensuring we are the ultimate physician resource on diabetes care.”

Diabetes care and management crosses many physician disciplines, from the primary care provider to internal medicine, endocrinology and more.  Sermo is a private community of over 200,000 verified physicians.  Over one in three doctors in the US are members.  By applying crowd sourcing principles to medical information there truly is no limit to what we can accomplish.

If you are a physician and would like to join our community, just sign up at

Our press release is available here.

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