Sermo Is Now 200,000 Physicians Strong

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Today is a milestone in Sermo’s history.  As of this morning we surpassed the 200,000 membership mark.  We are taking a moment to pause and reflect on where we’ve come and where we’re going.  But most of all we wanted to thank our members for all they’ve done.

Sermo came from a physician’s inspiration in 2006.  Created for physicians by physicians, we are a private community of verified M.D.s and D.O.s who can post observations and questions about clinical and non-clinical issues and share opinions and insights.

We have become more than just a vibrant online community of physicians.  We looked at conversations going on inside Sermo to provide our physicians with more tools to help them optimize their practices.

We are building digital medical hubs around specialties and complex disease states, where physicians can get cross-specialty insights from thought leaders that can inform and enrich their interactions with patients.  Following the Multiple Sclerosis HUB launched in June,  we’ll be soon be adding Diabetes and Obesity HUBs with an expanded directory shortly thereafter.

Our iConsult app and clinical consult posts on Sermo have been used thousands of times to bring specialists together to address tough cases, with physicians responses averaging just three minutes.  This app has improved patient care and decreased recovery issues.

We’re conducting new, controversial-but-necessary research to amplify the clinician’s voice in hot issues of the day.  For instance, thousands of physicians are working together to track injuries in the NFL through our Pro Football Health Challenge.  Our goal is to force more open, frank discussions by tracking injuries and outcomes to be able to prevent injuries to athletes of all ages across the country.  The more we learn about issues such as concussions, the more we can help the pros and our youth.

We’re collaborating with medical heroes like Floating Doctors.  We’re working with Floating Doctors to help them build their first permanent clinic and supply them with needed mobile medical diagnostic tools and supplies.  We’re proud to have helped them create this documentary.  This short film debuts tomorrow but you can see the trailer now.


We Are Passionate

When we at Sermo think and talk about what we’ve seen our doctors share on the platform over the years, when we sit back and ponder what it would be like if they could be so candid and supportive within the typical work flow of a case, we have to wonder, what’s missing?  How is it that we can see situations and dilemmas with patients that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the industrial-healthcare complex of the US, demanding defensive medical practices and sucking out the millions of dollars in education, research and experience from the hours a day physicians work?  How is it that Sermo gives those hours back by hosting just a few minutes of any given specialist’s time that they contribute to each other and have it completely invert the value of their experience to cost of diagnosis and treatment that we see outside in “the real world”?

And most importantly, how can it be so easily brought back in line in a place like Panama?  How can we not dedicate ourselves to the furthering of clinical dialogue, to the betterment of patient outcomes, and how can we not start speaking up for the greatest, most informed and least represented voice in healthcare – the physicians?

Until America decides to trust its physicians again, until we all stop believing that trial lawyers (for better or for worse), politicians, government statisticians, insurance companies and all the other well-organized, disciplined special interests in health care know and will do what’s best for patients, Sermo will be there to connect physicians, empower them to share in their common experience, and to aggregate and amplify their opinions, not speak for them.

We’d like to thank our physicians, many have grown with us these last seven years.  We appreciate your dialogue, your honest feedback and most of all, your participation.

Would you like to join Sermo?  If you’re an M.D. or an D.O. we’d love to have you join our ranks.  Already one in three physicians in the US are part of our community.  Membership is free, we’ll see you inside.

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