Google Joins Health IT with New Endeavor

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Larry Page, Co-Founder of Google

Larry Page, Co-Founder of Google announced a new company today that he is investing in called Calico – a health and well-being start-up focused on aging and its associated diseases – in collaboration with Art Levinson, Chairman and former CEO of Genentech and Chairman of Apple.  Levinson will become Calico’s CEO.

So what does it mean when one of the founders of Google invests money in health care?  Page made it clear on his G+ page today that it is an investment of Google and that they are looking to be more than just a tech company.  Healthcare and aging is very hot now as the Baby Boomers creep into retirement.  The financial potential here is huge.

It’s interesting that this was announced today during the 8th Annual National Health IT Week, a conference and group of activities whose focus is to leverage IT to cut healthcare costs and improve patient care.

Think back to five years ago and how you were using technology then vs. now.  Did you use a tablet back then?  Did you push a button and send prescriptions to a patient’s pharmacy in seconds?

Sermo’s iConsult, the clinical crowdsourcing aspect of our iPhone app fast-tracks clinical cases and questions to the Sermo community.  iConsult and Sermo connects doctors via smartphone, tablet or computer to ask and get answers from experts in as little as three minutes.

We recently learned about the non-profit healthcare organization Floating Doctors and that they use iConsult to help diagnose and treat indigenous patients demonstrating unfamiliar, complex and difficult-to-identify conditions in extremely resource-limited environments.

With the likes of Larry Page and Art Levinson showing their commitment to Health IT, it’s pretty clear validation that they see what we see – that real health care change is just beginning, and that health technology innovation will:

  1. Increase the breadth of information available to physicians looking to improve patient care
  2. Allow interactions between physicians to pinpoint diagnoses and treatments
  3. Improve patient outcomes
  4. Literally save lives

There is so much happening at the intersection of healthcare and technology and it’s only going to continue to grow.

If you haven’t tried iConsult yet just log into your free Sermo account and click over to the iConsult button.  You’ll be in touch with your peers in minutes.  Sermo is a private group of physician verified members who discuss patient care, best practices and more.

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