Craziest Patient Cases #2

During this summer, we’re posting submissions from our “Craziest Cases” contest, in which Sermo colleagues shared their most remarkable medical encounters. Make sure you subscribe to our blog to see all the most interesting, funny, and startling patient cases.

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Chinese Lung Fluke Biopsy Poker

“During a bronchoscopy on a Chinese male complaining of hemoptysis, I took an endobronchial biopsy of an area that appeared abnormal. Within a few seconds of the biopsy, while watching for any bleeding, a small worm poked its head out from where I had biopsied. Scared the you know what out of me. Turns out the man was infected with the Chinese Lung Fluke, Paragonimus.”

From sthaber


Broken String Lizard

“The most embarrassing moment in my entire career. I was a medical student rotating in a general surgeon office. The patient was a 28 year old male with no significant medical history. As I approach the patient, I asked the question, “what brings you into the surgical clinic today?” The patient replies “the string broke.” At this point, I didn’t understand what he meant by that statement, so I asked the patient can you be more precise. He stated again, the string broke. So at this point as nervous as I was, I ask can you show me where the string broke. To my amazement, he pulls down his pant and bends over, splitting his butt cheeks with his bare hands. At this point I was even more confused as all I could see was a loop piercing near his anus and a broken string hanging from it. Afraid as I was to ask this next question, I had to know what was attached to this string. The patient replied that he had attached a baby iguana to the piercing and inserted his pet in his anus for sexual pleasure, but the string broke and he cant get his lizard out. He had to go through surgery to remove the lizard as it suffocated in his rectum.”

From majanu


Poison Ivy Mouth

“I was working in urgent care in Connecticut, when I saw a young, very attractive but embarrased female with complaints of severe vaginal itching. On exam , her labia and vulva were extremely swollen, beet red, and with multiple pustules and linear streaks. Turned out she had gone camping with her boyfriend, and went tinkle in the bushes by the tent. She forget to bring toilet paper, so she grabbed some leaves next to her to wipe herself. What she grabbed was poison ivy. After we had treated her, the next day her boyfriend comes in to the urgent care with obvious poison ivy reaction all over his face, especially around his swollen lips and mouth. Turns out he had given her oral sex shortly after she had wiped herself with poison ivy…”

From 111niceguy

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