Sermo at Doctors 2.0 & You

Now in its 3rd year, the Doctors 2.0™ & You Conference is an annual healthcare event devoted to understanding how physicians use social media tools and technology to communicate with other key stakeholders in this space (e.g., HCPs, patients, payers, pharmacists, government agencies etc.).

This year’s conference included speakers from 20 countries, 19 of whom were practicing healthcare professionals.  The presentations included real-life examples of how healthcare social media and digital applications are being used to drive new innovation, research results and better patient outcomes.

doctors20Sermo’s own SVP of Global Community and Marketing, Jon Michaeli, spoke both on the overall connectedness and collaboration at Sermo, citing the power of the iConsult platform.  He also introduced another discussion on how such trends as gamification are being used by established and start-up companies alike, to elicit healthier behavior from patients and collaboration between HCPs.

Selected Twitter coverage of the event:

Average time to “solve” a case on @sermo? Two hours. Youngest patient “saved” – five weeks. #doctors20 -@sixuntilme

@WI_Interactive @floatingdoctors post on @Sermo was answered & case was solved w/in 12hrs! #doctors20 -@SPulim

#doctors20 Jon Michaeli @Sermo “What are communities good for?” Ex: Real-time exchange (cont) -@BBartes

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