Craziest Patient Cases: Physicians Share their Wildest Medical Stories

Every week, we’ll post submissions from our “Craziest Cases” contest, in which Sermo colleagues shared, their most remarkable medical encounters. Make sure you subscribe to our blog to see all the patient cases.

You can get it on the action, too – vote for your favorite each week, and we’ll see which case tops your list in the end.

To kick things off, we learn that car crashes are confusing, a tape worm could save your life, and why some DIY projects really should be left in expert hands…


Turkey Eyeball

Lady was brought in from a MVC on a mountain interstate with an eye injury. She had collided with a wild turkey gliding across the valley and it broke her windshield and came into the car. One eye was bloody and she could not see out of it. She looked down in her lap and saw an eyeball there. Her face was cleaned and superficial glass fragments were removed. Her eyes were normal. The eyeball was the turkey’s.

From abentropy

Gunshot Wound Tapeworm

Gunshot Wound Tapeworm

A middle aged male is robbed one night as he is closing his restaurant. During the robbery, the patient is shot in the abdomen with a low-caliber weapon.  He is taken to the operating room for laparotomy where the doctors find multiple small-bowel enterotomies.  As the attending surgeons are closing one of the last remaining enterotomies, something starts to “move” through the opening in the small bowel. The surgeons remove a several foot long tape worm from the opening.

From elwood

DIY Circumcision

DIY Circumcision

A young male arrives at a hospital with a towel covering his genitals. He refuses to tell the triage nurse why he is there. After a bit of digging, the patient admits that he found an internet site that provided “painless instructions” for a home circumcision. The patient wanted a circumcision but didn’t think his insurance would cover the procedure. The patient went on to have a proper, fully covered by insurance, circumcision.

From Badabing

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