Sermo Fundraising for Moore, Oklahoma


Like the rest of the nation, this week our hearts go out to the citizens of Moore, Oklahoma. So we’re proud to support the Red Cross as it serves the immediate needs of the town. We at WorldOne + Sermo are donating $1000 to start off our fundraising efforts. We’re also inviting our physicians to donate and we will match each donation from our membership dollar-for-dollar, with the goal of donating $10,000. Even if you are not a physician, you can also donate and help us reach our goal.

The situation in Moore, OK is dire:

“A day after the disaster, Oklahomans are trying very hard to be there for each other. Many are just beginning to grapple with the idea that they’ll never see the person they loved most in the world again. Dozens of people were killed. Homes in the tornado’s path were reduced to match sticks. Whole city blocks were flattened and unrecognizable. Cars were tossed like toys, some sitting in enormous trees suddenly reduced to a single gnarly wishbone. There is no power, no water.”, May 21, 2013

But the Red Cross has already stepped in to help, providing shelter, food and supplies to victims and first responders.

Join us in supporting the efforts of the Red Cross in Oklahoma by donating using the link provided and to make sure we hit our goal. Please share the link with friends, family and social media contacts.

As one community of physicians and professionals dedicated to helping global health delivery, we hope everyone can help us hit our goal and exceed it for the sake of those affected. Tragedies like these remind us that we are all part of the human community, and can do our part to serve that community too.

Thank you, and we appreciate your support.

  Donate Now  

– Jon, Christian, and Sermo Team

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